Skyday Marketing Segment


Income Opportunity for People Wanting a Good Side Income

Welcome Leaders,

Skyday is an Online Retail Trading segment of the JBIZ group. We have our own manufactured products, own brands and also deal for several products of our associate Companies as distributors/suppliers. The Company hereby launched a typical marketing segment. We have simplified the marketing procedures and commission system in Skyday.

Skyday already have a profitably running business. We open a marketing segment for the skilled candidates. In India, Our country, there are many skilled people having strong self-confidence but not having a suitable platform to prove their abilities. We solicit all such candidates to be partakers in this marketing segment. We envisage this wonderful occasion by putting up an opportunity of profit sharing to the partakers in the sales. The Company shares more of its profit on such sales with the participating partakers than the Company itself.

We have own brands, own manufactured products, various other associated products which all comes to the Company with no intermediariessuch as stockists, distributors, wholesalers, retailers etc. Hence all such intermediary expenses becomes Company’s profit which shall be distributed as commission to the partakers of the particular sales in specified format.

You can easily market/convince these products. It is less priced, and very much commonly saleable products. Because of the reasonable sale prices nobody will tell you that they lost their money, because they have already got a worthy product.

  • You can earn good income through Skyday by simple methodology.
  • One who input an average effort can earn an income of Rs. 50,000 p.m.
  • Registration is absolutely free.
  • Minimum first purchase only a 5BV item to begin Skyday.
  • Once purchased you become an active member entitled to receive commission for your future sales.

For eg:-You can start your business by purchasing justOne shirt for Rs.499 (MRP-999, Brand–Portland) OR Buy 2 Get 1 free 1 Harry Stone shirt Rs.499 i.e.3 shirts for just 999.

The marketing segment is conceptualised by a group of management experts consulted with the corporate business consultants. Accordingly, the Skyday website is implemented by a group of eminent software specialists with the help of the most advanced technology, over a long period of time.

The Skyday website is customised to automatic joining through reference links, manage the reference & placement genealogies of more than 1 crore people simultaneously & lively process the commission procedures. Each sale shall be connected to the partakers and each displayed product to be connected with the above mentioned terminologies. We can proudly say that no other Network Marketing Companies have such level of advanced website with the advanced technology and the way the logic is conceptualised thereby.

The marketing methodology is administered through the referral system . The best beneficial option in network marketing is subscribed to distribute the commission strategy in Skyday.

Network Marketing, Referral System, Direct Selling & MLM (Multi Level Marketing) are mutually & synonymously the same. It’s a customer to customer selling terminology. When a sales person brings a customer to the company, again that customer brings another customer, the sales person gets the pro-rata commission for that first sale and also for all those sales happened at any time directly or indirectly through that customer obtained by the Company through you.

  • Why negative impression on network Marketing??
  • Know the difference b/n Network Marketing & Money Chain systems??

When there is simply no product or mere unworthy product, with pyramid selling which is not based on a product, then it is a Money Chain business. Money Chain is illegal as well as unethical. Many Companies entered the market as MLM, but they were only money chains in reality. Network Marketing is an entirely different business strategy which is legal & ethical. Network Marketing shall always contain atleast one worthy product. Here Skyday provides you various numbers of quality & highly worthy products with competent market prices even to non-mlm companies.

Other Core MLM Companies in the market have products which are very difficult to convince a customer due to high product price, not so useful product, only cosmetic/wellness items or health drinks. Also the huge joining amount, more than Rs.5000/-.

Skyday provides unique reference links for each person. One can sent it via sms/whatsapp/email to the prospected customers. They when clicked will carry automatic profile registration in Skyday Marketing Segment.

  • The usual difficulties in Networking Marketing are simplified in Skyday.
  • We have very useful & common products with reasonable pricing.
  • We have more than 300 products.

No other MLM Companies till date has offered products at this kind of best pricing. The products in Skyday offered for MLM are of excellent quality as well as reasonable prices. No MLM Companies provide products at very basic prices. Skyday example – You get 3 Shirts @ Rs.999.

Skyday sells common man’s products. Our products which are very common and so easily sale-able unlike any other MLM companies whom offer very uncommon products i.e. the products which are not often used by the common people. Other MLM’s offer high cost products like wellness, health care, beauty products etc for which alternative are available at less cost. Skyday hereby is the first MLM Company giving common products for which alternatives are not available in the market at much lesser prices. Hence it is easy to convince a customer to purchase a product from Skyday.

In Skyday the highest joining packages for MLM is Rs.35000 (Rupees Thirty Five Thousand Only). However to start, you just need to purchase one product worth 5 BV (The minimum priced 5BV product cost Rs.399). This is the lowest joining purchase for any MLM Companies.

Refer anybody and register their profile in Skyday using your unique reference link. They can also refer the same way, by which you may get many number of downlines. When any of your downlines make purchases, you will be automatically recognised as the partaker of those sales. You can prompt your downline customers to purchase any of the useful products from Skyday website. It is mandatory to register the customer profile using your reference link, so that the site can automatically recognise all those of your partaking sales by your downlines.

Skyday is just starting its business. Here is the opportunity for you to grow with the Company. We invite initial quality leaders to become part of this big journey. The early you start, the more & big you can reach.

Don’t think it’s a small thing. It’s a small concept, which opens to a big business. We have only simplified your road to success. You have the secured route and the safest chance to do the big business without investment. But you will get the unlimited income. Your good efforts not only enable you to meet your normal necessities of life but also luxurious wishes of a duplex house, luxurious vehicles, foreign trips etc.

Skyday has an endeavour to generate employment at its best thereby playing an important role in nation building process.

Skyday has envisioned many export oriented products to be originally made in India. The prospects of Indian brands in the field of garments, leather items, fancy accessories, footwears, watches are to be advertised in American & European Countries.

Currently we have products such as Garments, Watches, Footwear, Home Decor, Households etc. Skyday envisage an increase to 10000 products within 6 months.

We have regular performance appraisals and give rewards for their achievements. The awards and performance rewards ranges from articles like Mobile Phones, Gift Packs to amenities like Free Purchase Vouchers, Foreign Trips to properties like two-wheelers, four-wheelers, flats, villas etc. The hardworking partakers shall be benefitted in the form of huge income and high rewards.

Special events & ceremonies shall be conducted on the go wherein the achievers shall be honoured. They will be also handed over their performance rewards rendering proud moments for their achievements.

Contact 8089337837 to know more details. You can also connect through email. If the call not connected drop a message, to get a later call back.…

The MLM concept is a progressive business thinking which is considered to be the future world’s business and trending currently. Many eminent personalities have highly acclaimed the significance of Network Marketing.


– “Network Marketing business is the fastest growing business of 21st Century.”

- “If I would be given a chance to start all over again, I would chose NETWORK MARKETING .“

– “The Network Marketing Industry will give 9000 crore to the Indian Govt. till 2025.”

– India Government’s Bheem App have a referral system as in Network Marketing. Refer Link below:-
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– The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work.

– Network Marketing Industry has produced more millionaires than any other industry in the history of the world.

– One of the world’s biggest billionaires believing in this system, has now invested in 3 network marketing Companies.

– 300 people signed up, 85 did anything at all, only 35 were serious, and just 11 made him a millionaire.