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Salesperson OPEN ENROLLMENT ongoing, Grab this opportunity now.
Open Enrollment will be closed soon

About Skyday is the world’s first multi portal e-commerce. It is also the first of customer based online trading portal. It brings a reduced MARGIN BOOMERANG system in e-commerce arena

MULTIPORTALISM is a new revolutionary concept to online support many business utilities which are bartered and economically connected. Multiportalism shall simultaneously provide the public many kinds of products and heterogenous services. Some of them are

  • Online Trading
  • Public Earning
  • Target Advertising
  • Informational Services
  • Hospitality Services
  • Social Networking
  • Classifieds
  • Repairs & Maintenance

Skyday provides you a wonderful employment opportunity in Company’s Sales & Marketing segment as an Offline Salesperson (OSP) for our online portal. The returns are fully commission based. The equation is simple – You make sales, direct in person or by subsidiary, you get the commission for that. Different products have different rates of commission. You can find a complete livelihood without any sales target, work pressure, deliberations, workplace politics, etc. You are the boss of your profession.

Candidates with Salesmanship quality -Some people have an inborn talent to execute sales. Then you should miss this opportunity. Be part of a big beginning.

People without Salesmanship quality - Are you a bad salesperson?If you feel so, then you should really try this. Start a trial mode. What else happens is gain. Monetary benefits apart, this can increase your personality and public interaction.

Offline Salesperson – Simple Enrollment

Go to the Franchisee Panel and open a franchisee account.

Enter the details and submit the form. You just become the salesperson of the Company. 


Skyday customer base empowers the tie-ups with leading Companies of products/services all around the world.

Hence we reach many products directly from MANUFACTURERS --> CUSTOMERS without retailers, wholesalers, stockiest, distributors, agents etc.

All the intermediary profit comes back to the skyday franchisee members as commission Income.

Rewards & Achievements

There are several schemes set along various sales volume milestones. The achievement packages starts from Smartphones, LED TV’s, Holiday Schemes, Cars, Flats and Villas.

Active skyday salespersons get the products in the website at discounted prices.